AIOU Past paper spring 2019 Electronic Media-I (5627) M.Sc.

July 24, 2020 Past Papers No Comments
  • Q. No. 1 What are different challenges faced by Radio in Pakistan?
  • Q. No. 2 What is significance of Radio in the fields of information, agriculture and entertainment? Describe in detail.
  • Q. No. 3 Explain history and evolution of Radio in Indo-Pakistan.
  • Q. No. 5 What is difference between current affairs and news programs in respect of their content?
  • Q. No. 6 What are short comings and benefits of Radio when used in distance education?
  • Q. No. 7 Explain functions and importance of control room in Radio.
  • Q. No.8 Write notes on the following:
    1. a) Radio and Development
    2. b) Interactive Radio
    3. c) Radio and War
    4. d) Radio and Propaganda

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